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What makes a great profile?

Investing time in making a great profile is key to winning new business.

A great profile includes:

Clear and professional messaging

Use clear and professional communication and make your description of what you do and what you value as simple, transparent, informative.

Be complete

You should have content for all fields in the funeral home profile editor.

If you need help adding or editing content just let us know.

Be detailed

Your profile isn’t just getting it done and adding content. Take the time to think about the content you are adding to your profile. If you don’t stand out, then you can’t expect to win more Clients.

Show and tell

Add a logo to your profile and images to give a visual insight into your funeral home, your staff and your service. If you want any help adding or editing content, get in touch with us.


Peter is the Founder & Owner of eziFunerals Pty Ltd. Published Author - ‘What Kind Of Funeral?, Vivid Publishing. He has a long family history within the funeral industry and understands the issues faced by both consumers and funeral directors when arranging a funeral from Cradle2grave®.

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