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Funeral Music

A funeral can be a wonderful celebration of someone’s life and often people like to incorporate special and unique music and multi-media into the service. There are no rules about the type of music that is best.

A particular funeral song can remind us of the person who has passed away and provide moments of precious memories. You might choose a funeral song for the lyrics, to summarise how you’re feeling as an alternative to saying it yourself. When we are dealing with overwhelming grief, music has the ability to soothe and comfort us.

Funeral songs that have meaning to you and your loved one are a perfect choice — his or her favourite song, the song that was playing when you met, the songs you liked to sing together.

Funeral songs that reflect the personality of your loved one are also a good choice. Beautiful hymns, classical music, or gentle Celtic airs also provide soothing background music and are often played while people are gathering in the chapel or funeral home.

Live music is very powerful – it can express love, joy, sadness, celebration, humour and solemnity. It can provide comfort and has been used for centuries to mark life’s special occasions.

The following music and songs are provided as suggestions.

Title                                                    Composer

Ave Maria                                            Schubert

Bist du bei mir                                      Bach

The Lord is my shepherd                        Various arrangements

Panis angelicus                                     Cesar Franck

Somewhere (West Side Story)                 Bernstein

You’ll never walk alone (Carousel)           Rodgers & Hammerstein

Time to say goodbye                             F. Sartori & L. Quarantotto

Vissi d’arte (Tosca)                                Puccini

The Flower Duet (Lakme)                        Delibes

Parigi o cara (La Traviata)                      Verdi

Nessun dorma (Turandot)                       Puccini

Soave sia il vento (Cosi fan tutte)            Mozart

Adagio (Clarinet Concerto A major)          Mozart

Adagio (Toccata, Adagio and                   Bach Fugue BWV 564)

The last post                                        Traditional

Adagio for strings                                 Barber


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