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On The Day Of The Burial

On the day of the funeral, you will need to have obtained and prepared the coffin and ensure that you have all the necessary paperwork to meet the relevant State and cemetery requirements.

1. Identification Form

You will also be required to provide an Identification Form. This form requires you to certify that the body in the coffin is in fact the deceased person named on the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death, and whose name appears on the metal plate on the lid of the coffin.

This identification process is to be done prior to the coffin being sealed.

  • List of paperwork required at time of funeral
  • Application for Single Funeral Permit
  • Application for Burial Form
  • Medical Certificate of Cause of Death
  • Identification Form
  • Proof of purchase of Public Liability insurance for $5,000,000
  • Proof of Payment of relevant cemetery fees

2. Registration Of Death

Under the relevant Births, Deaths Marriages Registration Act in each State, you are required to register the death of the deceased with the relevant Office of the Registry General, Births Deaths and Marriages. The registration of the death is generally required to be completed within seven days of the funeral.

What documentation do I need?

The following documentation needs to be presented to the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

  • Death Registration Paper
  • Medical Certificate of Cause of Death, or Medical Certificate of Cause of Stillborn or Neonatal Death or Coroner’s Certificate
  • Death Certificate Application (if you require a Certified Death Certificate)
  • In the case of a Stillborn, a Birth Information Paper must also be lodged

How long does it take for the death to be registered?

Lodging a death takes approximately two weeks to be registered.

Once registered the applicant may lodge a Death Certificate Application form with the relevant Registry for a Certificate of Death Registration (commonly known as a Certified Death Certificate). Death Certificates usually take from 3-7 days to be issued and there is a fee charged for the document by the Registrar.

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