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Placement Of The Ashes

When arranging the funeral, you may not have been sure of the final resting place for the deceased’s ashes. There are a number of options and choices available.

Scattering ashes

This can be carried out in a number of places including in the grounds of the crematorium, on a family grave, in your garden, at a place with fond memories, in woodland or the bush, at sea, abroad. In some cases, permission may be needed from the appropriate authority.

Burying ashes

People choose to bury ashes for a variety of reasons. For instance, families can then visit the place of burial and put up a memorial at the site, while others place the ashes of more than one family member together.

You may be able to bury ashes within the grounds of the crematorium, in a churchyard, in a grave or in your garden.

In each case, you will need to seek permission from the appropriate authority. When ashes are scattered or buried in a churchyard, cemetery or a different crematorium, the appropriate authority may also require the Certificate of Cremation provided by the crematorium.

Keeping the ashes

Some people prefer to keep the ashes at home in a casket or urn designed for that purpose. In some cases this is so that when a spouse or partner dies, the remains of both can be scattered or buried together. Others place a small amount in a piece of jewellery, for example a specially designed locket.

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