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What are the main points I need to know?

For you to get the most out of your eziFunerals experience:

Invest in a great profile

Potential Clients will judge you by your profile on eziFunerals. Invest the time in making it great. Fill out all the sections. If you’re not sure what to put, need some help, or even need a second opinion, just ask us. We want you to have a great experience, and your profile is the best place to start.

Pay to quote

You pay a monthly fee to list your funeral home with eziFunerals and receive quote requests from Clients. You can view as many requests as you want and keep your profile live. When you want to “accept” a funeral lead request to quote on a Clients funeral you pay a lead fee to send the quote to win the business.

Quote a competitive bid

Multiple funeral directors in your area will be invited to submit a quote for the funeral. Although price is an important factor, our Clients are seeking value for money and will base their decision on a number of factors. See our section on Selecting the Right Funeral Director.

Submit your bid on time

We want to make sure the Client gets a timely response to their request. eziFunerals has set a 24 hour deadline for Clients to receive final bids from funeral directors. If you don’t submit your bid on time, the Client will not get to see your quote and you miss the opportunity to win the job.

We facilitate the selection

Once your customised bid is sent to the Client, they choose who to select to negotiate the final contract. We don’t get involved at all in this final process. Our platform simply provides the means for this connection to occur and to facilitate the selection of a Funeral Director to conduct the funeral.

Proceed to contract

We don’t get involved at all in deciding the winning bid. You contact with the person directly and take payment directly.

Let us know if you have any suggestions, ideas, feedback or questions.

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