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It’s not easy to shop around for funeral directors, but it is something we should all do. We only get one chance to get it right.

The best time to select a funeral director is when you have the peace of mind and time to make a considered choice without the emotional stress that occurs when someone close to you passes away. If you can’t deal with this yourself, get a family member or someone you trust to help you with your decision.

Not all funeral directors in Australia are the same, so if you are selecting one for the first time, there can be a lot to consider.

While they all offer similar services, their prices and facilities can be quite varied. Here’s what you need to consider when searching for the right funeral director at an affordable price:

Take your time and plan ahead

You don’t have to settle on a funeral director right away. Take some time to plan the funeral, research quotes, prices and reviews before settling on a shortlist of around two to five.

Planning a funeral with eziFunerals (before contacting a funeral director) can save you time, money and unnecessary grief. By specifying your funeral needs and budget, you will get the the sort of funeral you would like for your loved one and you are empowered to make informed decisions. Your’e in total control.

Shop around and get quotes

Although , it may be emotionally difficult for you to ‘shop around’ for a funeral director, it just makes sense that you should use the same techniques you use with any other major purchase. Consumer surveys show that most people don’t shop around for a funeral — they pick the funeral director closest to them, or the one their family has always used. Neither of these criteria tells you whether you’re getting good value.

Our research also shows that when customers do decide to shop around for a funeral director, they are not aware that several funeral directors may be associated with the one parent company As a consequence, customers are often soliciting quotes from branches of the same company without their knowledge.

Don’t be fooled by mass media marketing by funeral homes

Recommendations from friends and family members can guide you to the top Independent funeral directors.

Don’t be deceived by family brand names advertised on a billboard, in the newspaper, on radio or in the media – it does not necessarily mean they are an independent funeral director. Independent funeral homes don’t have the marketing budgets of the public companies.

Often, large publicly listed companies will use family brand names on their signs, because they know customers will be more inclined to trust them, and they often use the reputation of the family name. It is quite common for these publicly listed companies to operate under old family names and not change the look of the premises after the funeral home changes hands.

Make sure they offer the services you need

Can the funeral director provide the type of funeral you’re looking for?

Some funeral directors specialise in eco-friendly natural burials, traditional funeral services and alternative contemporary options. Embalming and viewings need certain facilities on-site. When you’re choosing a funeral home, make sure to ask if there are specific things that you want or any personal preferences you’d like them to accommodate.

Choose someone who makes you feel comfortable

This is the most important thing to think about when you’re choosing a funeral director. A good funeral director will be someone you’re happy to have conducting the funeral. They will respect your wishes, and won’t ‘up-sell’ or push you to make certain choices.

What you need to consider before selecting a Funeral Director?

We recommend that you ask yourself the following key questions before making your choice:

  • Who owns the funeral home you are considering?
  • Are they family owned and independent OR are they owned by a publicly listed company?
  • Does the funeral director work for you and your family or shareholders of publicly listed companies?
  • Have you met or heard about the funeral director in your community?
  • Do you know their personal and professional reputation?
  • How long have they been serving their community?
  • What has been the experience of relatives, friends and neighbours?
  • Does the funeral director provide a full service facility and are they able to handle all of your needs (chapel, viewing room, reception and catering facilities, parking, etc.)?
  • Is the funeral home a trusted and approved member of eziFunerals?

Why you should select an Independent Funeral Home?

eziFunerals has partnered with some of the best family owned and independent funeral directors who are here to help you and your family before, during and after their time of need.

Our members operate Australia wide including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Darwin and Canberra. We work together to ensure that you and your family receive transparent information and the best possible standard of service at the most realistic cost.  You’re in total control and will get peace of mind knowing they are supported by Independent funeral homes that are here to help you every step of the way.

So make the right choice and get value for money by choosing an Australian, family owned and independent funeral home to conduct the funeral. For more information or to make contact with a trusted Independent funeral director, call eziFunerals on 1300236402 or visit www.ezifunerals.com.au.

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