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How To Become A Funeral Director in Sydney, NSW

Main Sydney cemetery and memorial garden sites

Each cemetery in Sydney has a distinct character and offers a wide range of options for burial and commemoration. Please click on the links below for an overview of the facilities and services and view today’s funerals at South Metropolitan Cemeteries NSW sites.

Western Sydney Cemeteries

Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park

Southern Sydney Cemeteries

Northern Suburbs Cemeteries

South-West Sydney Cemeteries

A Compilation of November 2023 Funeral and Death Notices

Name Date of Birth Date of Passing Funeral Service Provider
John Arthur HAZELTINE 12/06/1948 30/11/2023 Simplicity Funerals NT
Alexander Reid MCLACHLAN 05/10/1924 28/11/2023 Tuckers Funeral & Bereavement Service
Aglaia MIKELIS 28/11/2023 Acropolis Funeral Services
William (Bill) COX 11/11/2023 McGlynn Hunt Funerals
Shirley May MOLONEY 11/11/2023 Oakdale Funerals
Nadine HOLTZE 11/01/1971 09/11/2023 Darwin Funeral Services
Olga Ester PADRON 07/11/2023 Murphy Family Funerals
Olive Grace (Ollie) ROBSON nee Franklin 19/10/1932 07/11/2023 Latrobe Valley Funeral Services
Dennis BURGER 27/11/1934 07/11/2023 Simple Goodbyes
Karen Lorraine BROWN 04/04/1956 07/11/2023 Gladstone Valley Funerals
Audrey Norma KALAN nee Keogh 19/08/1931 06/11/2023 Latrobe Valley Funeral Services
Geoffrey Matthew (Geoff) SMITH 24/01/1938 06/11/2023 Gladstone Valley Funerals
Peter TEW 06/11/2023 F Greed & Sons
Tony SHARKEY 27/12/1958 06/11/2023 Guyetts Funerals
Ronald Graeme John LALOR 06/08/1945 06/11/2023 Lester & Son Funeral Directors
Reginald Arthur (Reg) NEWSOME 06/11/2023 Murphy Family Funerals
Roy CAHILL 06/04/1936 06/11/2023 Tobin Brothers
Bruce GRANT 06/11/2023 Keith Logue & Sons
Heidi Janette EDMONDS nee Andrews 06/11/2023 Guilfoyle Funeral Services
Jill Madeline LEVEN 06/11/2023 Lightfoot & Co
Viswanathan SOMASUNDARASAMY 06/11/2023 Lonergan & Raven Funerals
Michael Patrick (Mick) MALADY 29/04/1955 06/11/2023 Guyetts Funerals
Patricia WHITTY 13/05/1929 06/11/2023 Tobin Brothers
Robert (Bob) BIRD 05/11/2023 Virgo Funerals
Maria MONTAGNESE 14/02/1928 05/11/2023 Tobin Brothers
Alan William (Uncle) BIRD 18/03/1931 05/11/2023 Lethborg Family Funerals
David HYNES 22/05/1957 05/11/2023 Lester & Son Funeral Directors
Kevin Henry MADIN 05/11/2023 Fred Crouch & Son
Leanne Helen HARGREAVES 05/11/2023 Finlayson & McKenzie
Phillip COGAN 05/11/2023 Trenerry Funerals
Enid Esther LANG 05/11/1929 05/11/2023 Bance Funeral Services
Merv MCNAMARA 25/05/1937 05/11/2023 Fry Bros Funerals
Beverley May (Bev) GREENE 23/02/1932 05/11/2023 Joseph Medcalf Funeral Services
Yanna ATHANASSIOU 05/11/2023 Murphy Family Funerals
Gwen Irene GHILARDI 05/11/2023 Murphy Family Funerals
Roslyn Clare MARTIN 23/08/1942 05/11/2023 James Murray Funeral Directors
David William QUICK 30/12/1935 04/11/2023 Lester & Son Funeral Directors
John Robert YUE 28/08/1946 04/11/2023 David W Bull
Elizabeth WOODWARD 10/10/1927 04/11/2023 Tobin Brothers
Ellen O’DWYER 03/03/1939 04/11/2023 Tobin Brothers
Janice Margaret BOTTA 05/11/1941 04/11/2023 Whitsunday Funerals & Crematorium
Philip SAVAGE 29/03/1953 04/11/2023 Compassionate Funerals QLD
Gregory John SHEERS 04/04/1956 04/11/2023 Latrobe Valley Funeral Services
Jason CEMINO 14/04/1976 04/11/2023 Tobin Brothers
Tracey Anne ROBINSON nee Sevior 25/06/1970 04/11/2023 NJ Todd Funeral Directors
Rhonda SIMPSON 04/11/2023 Trenerry Funerals
Kenneth George TIMMS 23/07/1938 04/11/2023 Guyetts Funerals
Arthur (John) HASTIE 11/11/1938 04/11/2023 Townsville Funerals Cremations & Crematorium
Norman Robert James WARBURTON 15/02/1938 04/11/2023 Finney Funeral Services
Beryl Elaine BISHOP 30/07/1934 04/11/2023 Brian Walsh Funerals
Joan MCLEOD 04/01/1929 04/11/2023 Tobin Brothers
Armelia MEDORO 28/08/1940 03/11/2023 Abbey Funerals – Tobin Brothers Thomastown
James (Jim) SHEEDY 23/08/1955 03/11/2023 Kings Funerals


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