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The funeral industry in Australia is currently estimated to be more than $2 billion and provides essential services to individuals and families dealing with, or preparing for, death and bereavement.

The industry is dominated by large publicly listed companies, being InvoCare Limited (ASX: IVC) and Propel Funeral Partners (ASX:PFP). Between them they currently control over 40% market share nationally (…and growing). Beyond InvoCare and Propel Funeral Partners, the remaining 60% is fragmented with medium to small family-operated businesses, competing for market share.

However, despite several government inquiries to address ongoing community concerns, the funeral industry in Australia is generally self-regulated on a state-by-state basis.

Although, multiple funeral director associations exist at national and state levels, membership to one or more of these bodies is voluntary. Many funeral businesses (including Invocare funeral homes) ARE NOT members of any association, and not subject to a professional code of conduct or sanctions for non-compliance of industry-based standards.

‘Therefore, it is not surprising that a lack of transparency and uniformity across the industry, leaves consumers feeling vulnerable to exploitation and confused, when engaging with a funeral director.’


Who are the peak Funeral Associations in Australia?

Funeral industry associations can play an important role in providing a collective voice for member funeral businesses. However the fragmentation of associations in Australia is a tragedy for independent funeral businesses competing against the big funeral chains. The peak associations for the funeral industry in Australia are:

Australian Funeral Directors Association

The Australian Funeral Directors Association (AFDA) is the largest funeral association in Australia. Formed in 1935, the objective of the AFDA is to promote professional funeral standards, provide industry leadership and to negotiate with key industry stakeholders. The AFDA is committed to ensuring Members meet best professional practice standards, ensuring that the AFDA name and trademark represents security, care and professional service to potential customers.

AFDA Members are bound by a strict Code of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct designed to meet community needs and expectations in all aspects of service delivery.

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National Funeral Directors Association of Australia

Established in 1995, the National Funeral Directors Association of Australia (NFDA) is a nationwide network of Australian Funeral Directors and Suppliers to the Funeral Industry. The association aims to keep funeral directors up-to-date with developments and industry legislation as well as identifying emerging pathways to success for funeral directors.

The NFDA Codes of Practice and Ethics are designed to promote high ethical and professional standards within the Australian funeral industry and funeral businesses that comply with these codes are eligible to apply for Full Membership.

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Association of Independent Funeral Professionals

The Association of Independent Funeral Professionals (AIFP) was established in 2015. The aim of the AIFP is to be the leading association for those involved in the funeral services industry in Australia and across the globe.

The AIFP is made up of a broad group of funeral professionals and openly advocates, promotes and enhances development opportunities for all who contribute to the funeral services industry.

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New South Wales Funeral Directors Association

The FDA of NSW is state based association, dedicated to protecting the public and enforcing ethical and moral guidelines when it comes to carrying out funeral services. All FDA of NSW members of the Association are 100% Australian owned and family operated.

All members of the FDA of NSW must maintain a Registered Mortuary as per Local Government Act 1993 and hold council approval to operate a funeral business. FDA of NSW members are also required to follow a strict code of ethics and are committed to providing their clients with compassionate, professional service at reasonable prices, whilst adhering to current NSW legislation.

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