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How to prepay your funeral and protect your family from rising funeral costs

What is a prepaid funeral?

A prepaid funeral plan is where a person makes an advance payment for funeral services for themselves or their partner. With a prepaid funeral plan, all of the funeral arrangements are made in advance at ‘today’s prices’. With prepaid funerals:

  • there is a contract specifying the pre-arranged funeral services which will be provided
  • nothing further needs to be done for the funeral services to be provided in accordance with the contract
  • the prepayment cannot be refunded, unless the person moves outside the designated funeral service area.

A prepaid funeral plan may involve you assigning a funeral bond to the funeral director as payment. This assignment transfers the ownership of the funeral bond to the funeral director and you are the owner of the prepaid funeral plan, not the assigned funeral bond.

Why invest in a prepaid funeral plan?

eziFunerals partners with specialist funeral fund providers with years of experience in funeral fund management.

They understand that the loss of a loved one can cause enormous grief for the family and friends left behind.

With a funeral investment fund, you can ensure financial hardship doesn’t also follow for your family. Because our partners are experienced, member-owned funeral fund providers, you can trust that funeral expenses will be paid promptly and without fuss.

Prepaid Funeral Plans in Australia



Prepaid funerals with eziFunerals

At eziFunerals, we believe everyone should be able to access a low-cost and easy-to-understand funeral funds. That’s why we support funeral plan providers that offer safe and secure investments.

Your pre-arranged funeral is invested in a conservatively managed fund with which to put aside funds for your funeral expense. You can either invest a lump sum, or make regular or ad-hoc deposits from as little as $50 per month. Therefore, it can be an ideal funeral saving plan.

With a prearranged funerals you are not locked into a contract to pay monthly funeral insurance premiums. You choose how much you wish to contribute and you are free to change your saving program at any time. And crucially, as you do not have to make compulsory payments (as with funeral insurance plans).

With funeral investment funds, you will be unable to access your funds after the 30 day “cooling off” period.

Most saving Prepaid Funeral Plans in Australia



Can I transfer my prepaid funeral plan?

Most people believe that once a pre-paid funeral contract has been made, the arrangements cannot be moved from that funeral home to another. This is actually not true. You are able to, at any point, transfer your funeral plans to another funeral home should you see fit. Knowing now that you have the ability to transfer your pre-paid funeral plans, you may be wondering why someone would want to. 

Learn more about transferring your prepaid funeral plan.


Need help tracing a missing funeral plan?

The last thing you want to be doing when you have just lost a close family member is hunting around to see if they had already made their funeral arrangements.

If a loved one passes away and you think they might have purchased a prepaid funeral plan, but you can’t find any of the information, we may be able to help.

Bruce decides to buy a funeral bond for his prepaid funeral plans



Important Information: *Funeral bonds and prepaid funeral plans aren’t part of the Age Pension assets test. See funeral bonds and prepaid funerals on the Services Australia website. #Make sure you read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and understand the costs before you sign up. For a more comprehensive overview of setting up a prepaid funeral, please read our terms and conditions and FAQs for more information.

Funeral fund rules vary per state: Please read the relevant information in your State. This information is provided to inform and protect you prior to your decision. New South Wales; Queensland; South Australia; Victoria; Tasmania; Western Australia. There are fewer protections in the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory. Using a funeral bond may be a better option in these territories.

DISCLAIMER: Prepaid funeral plans advertised by eziFunerals are provided approved providers. Users of this site are subject to eziFunerals privacy policy and terms and conditions. eziFunerals may receive an advertising fee from approved providers.

We don’t recommend or provide advice on which funeral plan is the best for you. You should choose an a regulated provider and take independent advice.

The best Prepaid Funeral Plans in Australia


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