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A funeral is a traditional part of our culture and community. Its purpose is to help people accept, heal and respect the life and death of a loved one. Funeral directors play an essential role in the organisation of a funeral and the remembrance of someone who has passed away.

According to independent funeral directors, a funeral is a celebration of the life of the deceased person and the love, respect and care we have for them. A funeral helps us acknowledge the grief we are left with following death by giving us the opportunity to share memories and receive support from fellow mourners who feel the same sorrow.

Grief can make us feel isolated, but by reminding ourselves that we are not alone and surrounding ourselves with loved ones, the process becomes easier. By finding the right funeral director, you will be able to continue focusing on mourning and making peace with your loss and current situation rather than the stress of organising a funeral service.

Independent funeral directors provide guidance, support and care throughout the entire service to make sure it goes as planned and meets all of your personal requirements. They are trained to understand your wishes and find the most reasonable solution, so you won’t have to worry yourself with any tedious details.

It is said that the number of people mourning after your death determines the quality of life you lived. Every person deserves a proper funeral to remember and cherish their life experiences and keep their memory alive. eziFunerals values your loved one’s journey and goes to every effort to make sure their memory is honoured with a compassionate funeral service.






Independent funeral directors are an essential part of organising a funeral. One of their principal duties is to take care of planning the service in regards to your wishes and customs. If you find yourself struggling at any time to understand what step is next, your funeral director is there to make sure you have a guide who has your interests in mind every step of the way.

Most highly rated funeral directors in Perth will take care of the planning from beginning to end by making all arrangements alongside you to ensure all of your requirements are met accordingly.

Funerals can often leave close friends and family too distressed and unable to orchestrate the planning, which is why it is recommended that grieving families hire a funeral director who is renowned for their compassion and support. Directors are experienced in the traditional aspects of a funeral and what steps are required as well as what options are available in relation to your budget.

Additionally, they take care of collecting the deceased person and transporting them to the funeral home so they can be dressed for the funeral process. With their experience, funeral directors understand that this is an incredibly challenging part of the process, and they always act with the utmost care and respect while organising the washing, dressing and preparation your loved one for the funeral or viewing.

Throughout the process, independent funeral directors make sure to provide condolences to you and others. They ensure all the paperwork required for the cremation or burial is completed and dealt with, and they will assist with the coffin or urn selection.

Additionally, they coordinate with the third-party support services like funeral transport, an order of service sheets, notices in the paper, music, catering and flowering.

They take care of almost everything, which is why funeral directors are crucial.

Finally, funeral directors in Adelaide guide you and your guests during the funeral, giving you the chance to benefit from the service without the need to worry about anything.



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All funeral directors might appear the same at first glance, but they vary considerably in terms of style, experience and process. Before choosing a funeral home, make sure you consider the following points.


Invest time to research

Don’t hurry while choosing a funeral director. Take the time to look at every option in your area. Avoid the big funeral chains. Evaluate their services with your wishes in mind before narrowing down a couple to reach out to.

For example, if you are looking for a funeral director in Adelaide, ensure they are independent and try to reach at least five nearby funeral homes to get the best-suited one.


Compare the fees

After short-listing a few funeral homes, check out the prices and what specific services are covered in their packages to make sure they are suitable and reasonable for your budget. A funeral director in Perth might not be charging the same as the funeral director in Brisbane. Therefore, make sure you ask for a breakdown of the prices before making the final choice.




Check their reviews

Checking reviews of the funeral homes and directors to get a clear insight about the service quality and the type of values they hold. Feel free to check the review of funeral directors in Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane and more. The most recent reviews will typically be the most reliable.


Visit the location or find out if they can come out to you

It is essential that you judge the location in person to know if the space will accommodate the guests and how long the commute will be. Usually, funeral directors cover the 10 to 15 km and charge extra to cover the travel expenses. For example, funeral directors of Adelaide prefers not to travel out of the city for the funerals.


Verify if they offer the services you’re looking for

Some funeral directors offer a range of special arrangements, such as eco-friendly, natural burials, traditional funeral services and alternative contemporary options. It is advisable to discuss in advance about any preference or wishes you have to include in the funeral process to make sure everything is done as per your specifications. Most funeral directors in Brisbane recommend that your share your wishes in the very first meeting.




Consider the payment options

Ask the funeral director what kind of payment options are available and what mode of payment is acceptable so that you don’t end up looking for cash at the payment time. Check the guides on eziFunerals to check the preferred payment methods of each funeral home. For example, most funeral directors in Brisbane will list their preferred mode of payment to make sure there are no surprises later on.


Check the qualifications

Make sure to check the qualifications of the funeral director you are choosing. Many national organisations require that funeral directors be approved or certified. To get the most adequate support and guidance during this highly stressful time, it is best to search for funeral directors around Perth, for example, that are acknowledged for their expertise.


Listen to your gut feeling

Lastly, a funeral is undoubtedly an essential part of celebrating a person’s life. Consider all the above points and decide what makes you feel comfortable. Once you’ve hire the right funeral home or director, you should feel relaxed about the funeral.

eziFunerals is helping people make the most suitable choice when it comes to funeral services. We are proud to be part of something so meaningful to so many people across most Australian cities to help them get funeral services without spending an unnecessary amount of money and time.