THE DEATH OF A LOVED ONE is a difficult time for everyone. For most of us, coping with death and planning a funeral is one of the most difficult things we will ever be asked to do. It can be a very emotional and difficult time.

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What makes it even harder is that we are generally unaware of our funeral rights; that is, we don’t know how we can have genuine and meaningful involvement; we are often unprepared and don’t know what to do when someone close to us dies.


That’s where eziFunerals can help!

eziFunerals informs and empowers consumers so that you understand your funeral rights and can have meaningful involvement in the whole experience.  Concerns from unwary consumers continue to rise with ongoing concerns at a perceived lack of transparency, the high cost of funerals, a lack of competitiveness and the need for increased regulation across the industry.

For many of us the whole funeral experience can too often be dissatisfying — we can be left with a sense of regret and unnecessary grief. How often have you heard people say: “If only we had had more information.” “It all happened so fast.” “We had no previous experience to help us.” “We felt quite vulnerable when the funeral director came.”


Get independent, transparent and trustworthy advice

eziFunerals understands what people go through, and the challenges they face in planning and organising a funeral. Their online funeral advocacy and planning service offers consumers a fully-integrated service to plan a meaningful funeral.

eziFunerals operates by listing independent funeral homes that subscribe to the platform. Customers are able to create a customised form, detailing either desired choices for their own funeral or the funeral of a loved one, which is posted for listed funeral homes to browse and respond to with an itemised offer. Consumers are empowered to control the process and get independent funeral directors to provide them with transparent itemised pricing and value for service.



Lea’s story

“I wish eziFunerals was around when Dad died before having to deal with the funeral. I guess the majority of people battle through with very limited knowledge like me and in their time of grief rely on what is told to them by the funeral companies. It all happened so quickly. There was so much to be organised and arranged in a very limited time. Family members had conflicting ideas and opinions when we should have all been trying to support one another. It was just a whirlwind of emotions, phone calls, information searches and snap decisions that no one was really prepared for. I still don’t feel as if I had the chance to grieve properly, nor as I had wanted to.” Lea, Rockingham


About eziFunerals

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