The cost of a funeral varies depending on your location, the circumstance of the death and your requirements for the funeral. The average funeral in Australia costs between around $5,000 and $8,000. How much you spend will, of course, vary depending on your preferences and choices. Burials costs, for example, can widely differ, according to the location and demand for plots at certain burial grounds and cemeteries.

These costs can be separated into three categories:

  • Funeral director fees
  • Third-party costs paid by the funeral director (for example the costs of cremation or burial, gravesites, transport, venue booking, ceremony costs)
  • Local authority fees

There is also financial help available for funeral costs.

Funeral director fees

The professional skills and experience of a good funeral director can be an invaluable support when you’ve been bereaved. Thinking about funeral arrangements and the things you’d like to include in the ceremony, along with sorting out your loved one’s personal affairs and estate, can be stressful during a difficult time. A good funeral director will listen to your wishes and carry out what needs to be done with discretion and the minimum of fuss.

To find a local funeral director that meets your needs, visit our funeral director listings.

Third-party costs paid by the funeral director

Funeral directors can alleviate the stress of managing most of the arrangements associated with the funeral. The services that a funeral director will offer will vary between each funeral home, although most offer cremation and burial, grave site purchases, transport, memorials, booking of venues, ceremony costs and more.

Burial costs

If you choose burial for your loved one, getting exclusive burial rights within a cemetery can vary dramatically, from just over $1,000 to upwards of $10,000 in the most exclusive cemeteries.

This can be down to a number of factors. For example, graveyards within cities are in high demand, driving the price up. Also there are more desirable locations within a cemetery, with those located next to a path, or in a peaceful secluded area, highly prized.

Cremation costs

Cremation is generally more inexpensive than burial, with around three quarters of all funerals in Australia involving cremation.

Depending on where you live in Australia and the facilities available, a crematorium may charge between several hundred dollars to around $2,000, with lower rates sometimes offered for funeral times that are in less demand, such as early mornings.

Some people choose to inter their loved one’s ashes at a cemetery or memorial garden, rather than scatter the remains. This is another cost for you to consider and prices can vary according to the location of the burial ground and your chosen plot.

Other third-party costs

  • The cost of the coffin or casket
  • Professional services, such as gravedigger services
  • Funeral home facilities (for example the Chapel of Rest)
  • Presentation of your loved one for viewing
  • Hearse/Limousines
  • Administration charges
  • Staff for the funeral itself, including bearers

You may wish to have your loved one embalmed or have extra services added to the funeral that don’t come as standard with most funeral home packages. You will need to discuss these with your funeral director.

Below is a list of services that are not typically included in funeral director packages:

  • Cremation fees
  • Burial fees
  • Someone to perform the service
  • Funeral flowers
  • Funeral notice in newspaper
  • Additional limousines
  • Order sheets
  • Catering for the wake
  • Venue hire for the wake

If you are concerned about being able to afford your loved one’s funeral, financial help with funeral costs may be available.


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