The following guide has been prepared to help you manage the cost of a funeral in seven simple steps.

Plan your funeral in advance! Planning ahead gives you time to review your options without the burden of a time constraint. You’ll also have the advantage of avoiding the risk of making unnecessary emotional purchases.

Set a budget. It always helps to know how much money you can afford to spend before you start shopping. Think of planning your funeral as you would a celebration of any big life event. If you think about it, planning a funeral is a lot like planning a wedding. You sure wouldn’t plan a wedding without having an idea of how much you want to spend! Allocate most of your funeral dollars to the items that have the most meaning to you.

Know what you want.  Even if you are making arrangements for a death that has already happened, it is best to take a little time to think about what type of funeral you want before you meet with the funeral director. This can help you avoid making purchases you don’t really want or need. Our online planning tools can guide you in thinking about what items you will need to consider. That way you’ll be better prepared to answer the questions that the funeral director will ask you.

Shop around with eziFunerals.  Whether it’s doing research online or using eziFunerals to get quotes from local funeral homes, you can learn a lot by shopping around. In fact, you’ll probably be surprised by the wide variety of choices that are available at very affordable prices.

Assess the most expensive itemsYour most significant savings can come from the big-ticket items. These items (coffins, grave markers, and urns) come in a wide range of prices. There are many beautiful options that are reasonably priced. It is not necessary to buy the most expensive style.

Don’t be afraid to ask for helpIt may help to bring a trusted friend or family member with you when you shop. Your companion can speak on your behalf if difficult negotiations are involved. The decisions to be made are extremely personal and emotional. You may be grieving and not in the best frame of mind to make big financial decisions. The person should be someone you trust and who you think has a personality that will be calming for you. If you need more help, seek our professional assistance.

Consider pre-paying your funeral. If you pay for funeral costs in advance, you may be able to lock in today’s prices with a guaranteed funeral contract. Like any big financial purchase, you should do your homework to make sure that the plan you select is right for you. Be sure to read all of the fine print!

Know your funeral rights. Most states require that you be provided with prices in writing and over the phone. eziFunerals can help you avoid sales traps. If you feel you are being treated unfairly, contact your state Consumer Protection Department or call us for assistance.


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