eziFunerals is a proud supporter of Mary Eleanor Natural Funeral Care in Hobart, Tasmania.

Here is a special feature of who they are, what they do, and why we’re so proud to support them:


About Mary Eleanor Natural Funeral Care

Mary Eleanor Natural Funeral Care is a holistic funeral service provider in Hobart, Tasmania. We are locally owned and operated and staffed by a dedicated team who share a heartfelt zeal to create a personalised, compassionate and natural approach to after death care based on the principles of love, service and sustainability.

We are leading the change in Tasmania, from conventional care back to more traditional family led after death and funeral care.


So what makes us different?

We are a locally based family company in Sorrell and Hobart and our primary focus is on your unique circumstances and individuality as well as the  support those close to you will need after your death.

  • Is there something you have always wanted regarding your final farewell? As long as it is legal and possible we will do our utmost to support your choices
  • We don’t we have our own Chapel?  we believe strongly in encouraging and supporting people to explore the possibility of creating something more local, personalised and meaningful
  • If it is your wish to ‘keep things simple’ we can organise a ‘no frills’ direct cremation in a  sustainable way, but always  with dignity and grace
  • Do you believe or hope in some kind of  existence beyond death?  We do…. but we humbly respect that personal belief is just that..  personal….and will strive at all times to honour, acknowledge and respect an individuals beliefs
  • Are you concerned about the environment for future generations? We aim to offer more environmentally friendly choices, stocking sustainable coffins such as Cardboard, Bamboo or Wicker, and only using natural body care products.
  • Are you a community group or organisation? We conduct funeral workshops around many aspects of death, dying and after death care.

Our role is to enable, empower and support you and others to plan for a funeral or memorial service and provide a gentle presence to assist you in what is inevitably a very difficult time.


You are unique and so are we!

Call Mary Eleanor Natural Funeral Care today and get a personalised funeral at and affordable price.


Other areas we serve

Launceston, Clarence, Glenorchy, Hobart, Devenport, Burnie, Central Coast, Kingborough, West Tamar, Huon Valley, Meander Valley, Wynyard/Waratah.


Contact Mary Eleanor Natural Funeral Care

28A Cole Street, Sorrell

0458 002 151
Email: info@maryeleanor.me

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