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Top 5 Reasons to Plan Your Funeral in Advance

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As more people get closer to end of life, we are not adequately prepared for our deaths. According to a recent Australian Seniors Insurance Agency’s Circle Of Life Study of over-50s, 82% think about their death at least occasionally or more. Yet, only 17% are planning for their funeral in advance. Although we want to […]

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Funeral Poems

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Release me, let me go. I have so Many things to see and do. You mustn’t tie yourself to me with tears, Be happy that we had so many years. I gave you my love and you can only guess, How much you gave me in happiness. I thank you for the love you each […]

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Funeral Quotes

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eziFunerals – The first online funeral planning and bidding platform

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A Western Australian digital entrepreneur is on the verge of digitally disrupting the business of one of the ASX’s most reliable and consistent performers of recent years with a world first integrated funeral planning and bidding online platform. Invocare (ASX: IVC) has a market cap of around $1.48B; its share price has climbed significantly over […]

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Arranging a funeral can be difficult during this time of emotional hardship. The fear of 'negotiating' the funeral price of your loved one can be an unnecessary stress. eziFunerals can put your mind at ease with a quick quote request, followed by a call from one of our local Independent Funeral Directors who can provide a FREE consultation discussing the various options available to you - all FOR FREE! ezifunerals.com.au/find-a-funeral-director/?state=New+South+Wales
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Don't be fooled into thinking that using a website from public listed companies means greater choice or lower prices. Independent Funeral Directors listed with www.eziFuneralscom.au usually offer a more flexible and personalised service at a much better price.
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Avoid A Funeral R.I.P OFF
Concerns from unwary consumers continue to rise with ongoing concerns at a perceived lack of transparency, the high cost of funerals, a lack of competitiveness and the need for increased regulation across the industry. ezifunerals.com.au/avoid-a-funeral-rip-off/
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