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Most people believe that once a pre-paid funeral contract has been made, the arrangements cannot be moved from that funeral home to another. This is actually not true. You are able to, at any point, transfer your funeral plans to another funeral home should you see fit. Knowing now that you have the ability to transfer your pre-paid funeral plans, you may be wondering why someone would want to.


Why transfer your funeral plan?

The Funeral Home is No Longer Family-Owned

It’s common that a funeral home’s family values are the reason the funeral home is chosen against, for example, a corporate funeral home. Family owned and operated funeral homes are popular because of their compassionate funeral directors and that the funeral home is community oriented. If a funeral home is bought as part of a corporation, the owning family often leaves and in turn the values  that were vital in the decision to make funeral plans there.

You have moved to another State

If you move interstate you can transfer your prepaid funeral plan to another funeral home. Find your closest member funeral home.

The Funeral Home is Closing

New ownership by an unfamiliar corporation can cause someone to transfer their funeral plans however if the funeral home is closing and cannot fulfil their obligations, a person would have no choice but to transfer their pre-paid funeral to another funeral home.

The Funeral Home’s Facilities are Outdated

Many pre-paid funeral plans are made because the facilities are new and updated however if the owners fail to continue updating their facilities, by the time the funeral plans need to be fulfilled, the operations and funeral home can be very old and outdated. This may not match the style that you are now comfortable with and would prefer improved facilities. 


How do I transfer my prepaid funeral plan?

Transferring your pre-paid funeral plans can seem like a difficult task however it’s actually quite easy.

Follow the steps below for information on how to transfer your funeral plans from one funeral home to another. Then, complete the form below, and provide specific consent for eziFunerals to share this information with funeral plan providers.

Step 1: Decide the funeral home you want to transfer your prepaid funeral to

Some important considerations when deciding to transfer a pre-need is to understand why you would like to transfer from your current funeral home to a different one. Sit down with funeral directors at other funeral homes to see if their ideas align with yours and fulfil what is lacking at your current funeral home. 

Step 2: Call the funeral home your arrangements are made at 

Important documents you will need to obtain are a copy of your prepaid funeral contract and related paperwork, such as the PDS from the Funeral Investment Fund. 

Step 3: Bring these documents to the new funeral home

Explain that you would like to transfer your prepaid funeral arrangements from funeral home A to this funeral home. The funeral directors will take it from there, including contacting the Investment Fund Manager or whomever has the funds and getting the appropriate forms for the transfer for you to sign. 

Are there any fees that I have to pay when transferring?

There should not be any fees to transfer the prepaid funeral coming from the new funeral home. There could be some from the original funeral home if specified in a contract signed at the time of making the arrangement.  Make sure you discuss any fees and transfer costs with the funeral home before you make a decision to transfer your plan.

Will I have to adjust to the new funeral home pricing?

You should not have to pay any less or more than what your original pre-need contract states. However, prices cannot necessarily be guaranteed on a transfer, as there are price differences between funeral homes in each state. The funds you paid are required to stay in the secure investment you have arranged and can be accessed by the new funeral director at the time of the funeral. Make sure you discuss any fees and transfer costs with the funeral home before you make a decision to transfer your plan.


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