Cheap funerals should not be a taboo topic. If you’ve been putting off discussing the funeral that you or your loved one want, change that today. You might be surprised by what you discover.Let’s take a look at some of the options you have when it comes to arranging a cheap funeral.

Donating Your Body to Science

If this is something you’re comfortable with, depending on the institution you choose to donate your body to there may be no costs at all. For example, the University of Sydney will bear all costs and even cover a simple burial or cremation.

While the financial benefit of this option may be enticing, money isn’t everything. It’s important to think long and hard if you’re genuinely considering this option. Talk to your family and do your research. Often there are a number of eligibility requirements and restrictions on service options that you’ll need to get your head around first.

No Service, No Attendance Cremations

Also known as a “direct committal”, as the name suggests, this is a cremation which does not include any service or attendance. While it’s often possible to arrange a viewing prior to the cremation, there is very little fanfare involved in this option. 

Why would you choose a no service, no attendance cremation? People who choose this option are often cost conscious and may not have many friends or family remaining to attend a service. Sometimes people simply just prefer to make their exit from this world with as little fuss as possible.

One thing to consider before committing to a no service, no attendance cremation is that it can leave family and friends without closure and a proper chance to say goodbye.

Green Funerals

While more expensive than a direct cremation, green funerals can be a cheaper alternative for families who would still like a burial. Compared to a traditional funeral, green funerals dispense with the need for a coffin (many states permit the use of a simple shroud), a headstone, and a grave liner or burial vault. Natural burial sites are often cheaper than traditional cemeteries as there is a much lower upkeep and maintenance cost.

Memorial Services – the Best of Both Worlds

A memorial service is a service that takes place after the burial or cremation. They’re generally much cheaper to hold than a traditional funeral service and can be as simple as some food, drinks and speeches held at the family home several days after the cremation.

Combining a memorial service with a no service, no attendance cremation is a cheap funeral option that is growing in popularity, and it’s easy to understand why. On the one hand, you get to arrange a cost-effective disposal of the body, but also have the chance to properly remember, celebrate and pay respect to the life of your loved one.


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