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Learn how to save money on funeral costs.

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Paying for a funeral is one of the biggest purchases we will ever make, yet most of us don’t shop around on service and price. Why is that?  

We wouldn’t consider buying a car or paying for a wedding without learning everything we can about the product or service. But when it comes to funerals, important decisions are often made, at a time when rational thinking is clouded, and we end up paying thousands of dollars more for things we don’t need or want.

The best way to avoid overspending is to plan your own funeral and make arrangements in advance of any need. But even when pre-arrangement isn’t possible, you can reduce expenses by learning more about the factors that make up funeral costs. That’s where eziFunerals can help!

3 reasons why you are paying too much for funerals

1. You are not getting at least 3 quotes

Consumer surveys show that most people don’t compare prices from funeral directors – they pick the funeral director closest to them, or the one their family has always used. Neither of these criteria tells you whether you’re getting good value. The cost of a funeral can vary significantly depending on which funeral director you use and the type of services you choose.

Different funeral directors can charge different amounts for the same service. So it pays to do your homework!

2. You are using a funeral director owned by a publicly listed company

When customers do decide to shop around, they are not aware that several funeral operators may be associated with the one parent company (InvoCare). Customers are often soliciting quotes from branches of the same company without their knowledge.

After a death, it may be emotionally difficult for you to ‘shop around’ for funeral services, but it makes sense that you know the company you are dealing with and apply the same techniques used with any other major purchase.

3. You have been sold a ‘funeral package”

Most funeral directors don’t provide an itemised invoice for the cost of a funeral. This makes it hard for you to compare quotes and avoid being over charged for things you never asked for, don’t want or need. Although many funeral directors offer various “packages” of commonly selected goods and services that make up a funeral, you do not have to accept a package that may include items you do not want or need.?

eziFunerals helps you get quotes and compare funeral homes on service and price. Create your own funeral plan today and invite Independent funeral homes to quote on your personal funeral plan.?

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How do you choose the right quote?

eziFunerals can help you compare prices and select a funeral director that best meets your needs and circumstances. When you get a number of funeral directors competing for your funeral you’ll want to make sure you select a funeral director who’ll give you value for money and who you are comfortable with.

Be clear about how much you are prepared to pay. If a funeral director can’t meet your price, shop elsewhere!

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How are funeral costs calculated?

Quotations from funeral directors are often presented in three parts:

Funeral Director Professional Fees

Funeral Director (Professional) Fees are usually not itemised in the quote from the funeral director. These fees cover the services funeral directors provide using their own resources. Generally these tasks include collecting, transporting, and preparing the body, and providing chapel or viewing facilities as well as staff, a hearse and mourners’ cars.

This cost also includes the ‘organising’ they do on your behalf, such as speaking with clergy, organising the cemetery or crematorium, arranging for medical or death certificates and ordering flowers and placing obituaries.

The fees will vary according to which funeral director you use and the level of service you choose.

Coffins and caskets

Coffins are usually less expensive than caskets. Coffins and caskets with more elaborate fittings, linings and timbers are more expensive.

Third Party Fees

Third Party Fees (Disbursement) are fees charged by a third party which the funeral director pays on your behalf. Necessary disbursements include the fees charged by a doctor for medical certificates and permits or fees charged by a cemetery or crematorium. Other disbursements may include newspaper notices, flowers or refreshments you have requested. The funeral director should only pass the actual cost on to you.

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How to calculate the actual cost of a funeral?

eziFunerals has prepared a checklist to help you compare prices from the different funeral directors in your area. Simply visit www.ezifunerals.com.au and download our FREE ‘Funeral Comparison Guide’. For more information and advice visit eziFunerals for all your funeral planning needs.  

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eziFunerals supports individuals and families plan a funeral and compare funeral homes online. We are an independent, Australian-owned and operated company, and are not a subsidiary of any other corporation. We are not part of any other funeral company.