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Learn the importance of attending a funeral and saying goodbye.

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No one likes to attend a funeral. Funerals aren’t fun. They aren’t like other social events where friends and family gather to celebrate an occasion.

However your decision to attend a funeral is entirely up to you. Some people find going to a funeral helpful as a way to get closure, but that’s some people, not everybody. You should do what you think will be most helpful to you.

For some people, funerals can be distressing and inconvenient. There will be lot’s of sadness and grief. There are likely to be unfamiliar faces. There may be travel involved, or time taken off work; or, you may be inconvenienced in some other way.People usually understand this.

However, if your best reason for not attending the funeral is inconvenience, or time, or the discomfort of a funeral, you may want to take a step back and rethink your decision to skip the service.


Things to consider before making your decision

If you are struggling with your decision, it may help to discuss the situation with other members of your family or circle of friends. You may also want to consider how you might feel in the future if you skip the service.

As you stop and think about whether or not you should or shouldn’t go to someone’s funeral, ask yourself the following: ‘what made you interested in attending?’

If your only motivation is what someone else thinks, don’t go. Not attending a funeral shouldn’t be an indication of one’s level of respect for the deceased.

If the deceased’s passing upsets you, you’ll most likely take comfort in being amongst people that cared about this person as much as you did.

If you find yourself questioning whether or not you should go to the funeral, we hope the following guide will help you with your decision.

Reasons to GO to the funeral:

  • The deceased is a close friend or family member.
  • The bereaved is a close friend or family member.
  • You knew the person (perhaps not well) and would like to pay your respects to the family.
  • You want to show support for the person’s loved ones.
  • The deceased is a public figure in whom you have an interest and the services are open to the public.

Reasons NOT to go to the funeral:

  • Your attendance at the service would be disruptive or distracting to any member of the immediate family.
  • Your attendance at the service would be upsetting to any member of the immediate family.
  • The services are private and not open to the public.
  • The services are out of town and you cannot get there, or you cannot arrange for the time off work.
  • You are ill or physically incapable of travel.


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