Did you know that you can be cremated without having a funeral beforehand. This is known as direct cremation and it’s just a bare cremation without a ceremony.

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Most independent funeral directors can offer direct cremation and provide better value for money compared to other online cremation providers. They can organise collection and care of the deceased, a basic coffin, a cremation at an appointed crematorium, and returning of the ashes.

What is meant by no funeral, bare cremation?

No funeral, bare cremation is simply another way to describe a direct cremation. You may also come across the terms ‘no service, no attendance’, ‘cremation without ceremony’, ‘cremation only funeral’ or ‘unattended cremation’ but they all mean the same thing

For many people, direct cremation provides an affordable and fuss-free alternative to a funeral with a formal service. If you choose to have no funeral, bare cremation, then family and friends have the option to hold a separate memorial service at a later date when the ashes have been returned.

As with any other funeral, eziFunerals can help with all the arrangements for a direct cremation. Depending on the direct cremation package you choose, it may be possible for a few close family members to be present for the cremation. Or, there may also be the option to hold a simple family-led service in the crematorium chapel beforehand.

Where to find no funeral, bare cremation providers?

While planning a cremation is important, the selection of the right funeral director is important. There are many cremation providers out there making all sorts of claims. Be sure to be a little investigative while talking to cremation service providers. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

  • Where and how will they care for your loved one before cremation?
  • How will they transfer your loved one to the Crematorium?
  • Will your loved one be transferred alone or will they be transfrerred with other, mulitple deceased persons?
  • Which crematorium will they transfer your loved one for cremation?
  • Can family members attend the crematorium?

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