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None of us likes to think about the day our parents might die, and when we get that call from the aged care facility, the shock can be overwhelming, even for an anticipated death.

The fact is, people die in aged care almost everyday across Australia. Most of them have lived long and full lives. And regardless of how unwell or how old they may have been, it will understandably be a very difficult time for the families when the time comes.

Don’t feel rushed and DO accept support offered by aged care staff. They are experienced in situations like this and will provide initial care for your loved one and can often be some of the best people to turn to.




Caring of the Body in The Residence

Most facilities have procedures for after death care. The staff at the care facility will provide care for the deceased person and support to their family and carers, following a death.

Staff Care after death includes:

• Honouring the spiritual or cultural wishes of the deceased person and their family/carers while ensuring legal obligations are met
• Preparing the body for transfer to the mortuary or the funeral director’s premises
• Offering family and carers present the opportunity to participate in the process and supporting them to do so
• Ensuring that the privacy and dignity of the deceased person is maintained
• Ensuring that the health and safety of everyone who comes into contact with the body is protected
• Honouring people’s wishes for organ and tissue donation
• Returning the deceased person’s personal possessions to their relatives.


Removing The Body From The Residence

Legally, most aged care facilities must remove the body from their premises as soon as possible. This means that you will need to engage the services of a funeral director. Nursing staff should NOT recommend a particular funeral director and should NOT make any agreements or negotiations with them, as this is a matter for the family.


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Choosing a Funeral Director

Not all funeral directors are the same. So it pays to do your homework!

Did you know that the majority of local funeral homes in Australia are owned by two corporations, InvoCare Limited (ASX: IVC) and Propel Funeral Partners (ASX:PFP). Between them they currently control over 40% market share nationally (…and growing). The names on signs outside the funeral homes are well known, but revenues and profits from them flow to corporate shareholders, not consumers.

So, if you’re contracting the services of a local funeral director, it’s important you know the company your dealing with before making that first phone call and it helps to know your rights and understand how the industry operates.





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